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Shaft Flex

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ALDILA® QUARANTA® Gold brings the “ultra” to ultra lightweight premium performance. The first ALDILA® series to offer a sub-40g option, these high performance shafts remain remarkably stable even as low and lively as a 35 R2 flex.

The QUARANTA® Series is now lighter and stronger than ever, yet QUARANTA® Gold maintains the smooth profile and optimal flex desired by better players choosing to play an ultra lightweight shaft.

High-modulus MR70 carbon fiber is added to the tip section to provide additional strength and contribute to a design that is lighter, tighter and more responsive. Raising the ultra lightweight bar once again

35R - 42g – Torque 7.4 – Low
35R2 – 39g - Torque 7.5 – Low
45R – 47g – Torque 5.5 – Low
45R2 – 44g - Torque 5.6 – Low
45S – 48g - Torque 5.1 – Low
55R – 57g – Torque 5.2 – Low
55R2 – 54g – Torque 5.4 – Low
55S – 58g – Torque 5.1 – Low