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Hand: Right
Set Composition: 5-9P

Introducing the Bridgestone 233HF Iron - Elevating Performance with Precision

The Bridgestone 233HF Iron is a testament to advanced engineering, meticulously designed to achieve high initial velocity and a soaring trajectory. Crafted as a hollow high-functionality iron, it features the infusion of two distinct polymers within, delivering a soft impact feel and a remarkable lightweight design.

Key Features of the '233HF' Iron:
Advanced Polymer Infusion for Optimal Feel and Weight Reduction: The internal architecture of the 233HF Iron boasts the incorporation of two polymers, strategically positioned for a soft impact feel near the striking point and a weight-reducing, foam-like polymer at the upper portion. This innovative design results in both an exceptional impact experience and a lower center of gravity.

Expansive High-Rebound Area through SP-COR and Innovative Face Design: The integration of SP-COR (Suspension Core) technology and a cutting-edge face design amplifies the high-rebound area, allowing for explosive ball speeds. This synergistic approach enhances performance across the entire face.

Dual Core Insert for Enhanced Performance: The dual-core insert design positions a polymer at the lower section for a soft and responsive impact, while a lightweight, low-density foam polymer fills the upper region. This deliberate arrangement optimizes weight distribution and achieves a lower center of gravity for improved launch conditions.

High MOI Weight for Enhanced Stability: Strategically placing a tungsten weight on the toe side enhances the overall moment of inertia, resulting in increased stability and control through every swing.

Suspension Core and High-Speed Face Design: The fusion of Suspension Core technology and a high-speed face design expands the high-rebound area, delivering outstanding ball velocity and performance. Additionally, the innovative L-Face and Power Slit design contributes to achieving higher initial ball speeds.