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Introducing the Bridgestone B2HT Hybrid - Precision and Elevation for Approach Shots

Elevate your approach game with the Bridgestone B2HT Hybrid, a fusion of precision engineering and intuitive design. Designed to offer exceptional control and a high trajectory, this hybrid empowers golfers to confidently target greens with accuracy.

Key Features:
Draw-Bias Design 2.0 for Enhanced Ball Capture: Drawing inspiration from the JGR and B2 series, the Draw-Bias Design 2.0 incorporates an 8g weight on the heel side. This strategic placement enhances ball capture, providing optimal control during shots.

User-Friendly Offset Shape for Enhanced Ball Control: The user-friendly offset shape, influenced by the JGR series, facilitates an improved sense of ball capture and control. This shape encourages golfers to visualize and execute precise shots.

Shared Technological Advancements of the B Series:
SLIPLESS BITE MILLING Technology: Derived from Bridgestone's unique scientific approach, this face technology enhances ball-to-face connection during impact. By minimizing face slippage, it ensures a secure grip on the ball, reducing spin, and promoting a straight trajectory. This technology stabilizes spin even during off-center hits, providing consistent performance under various conditions.

SP-COR (Suspension Core) Technology: Enhanced rebound performance at the toe and heel enhances forgiveness and mitigates distance loss, ensuring consistent and powerful shots.