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Introducing the Bridgestone B3MAX Driver, a pinnacle of precision and forgiveness in golf technology. Engineered with state-of-the-art features, this driver is designed to unleash maximum power while maintaining exceptional accuracy on every swing

At the core of its performance lies the innovative SlipLess Bite Milling technology. By enhancing grip at impact, it minimizes face slippage, resulting in straighter shots with reduced spin. This groundbreaking technology ensures consistent performance, even on off-center hits.

The B3Max Driver boasts the revolutionary SP-COR (Suspension Core) system, which enhances rebound performance in the toe and heel areas. This promotes forgiveness and minimizes distance loss, providing players with confidence on every shot.

Crafted with a Carbon Monocoque Body, this driver offers unparalleled weight distribution, allowing for the placement of up to 40g of high-function weights. This not only maximizes forgiveness but also ensures optimal performance tailored to individual swing preferences.

Its high MOI design further enhances stability and forgiveness, making it easier to achieve consistent results, even on mis-hits. Combined with the precision of SlipLess Bite Milling, this driver delivers optimized spin rates for maximum distance and control.

Key features include:
Carbon Monocoque Body: Enhanced weight distribution with strategically positioned high-function weights for improved forgiveness.
Body Rigidity Control: Strategic slits in the face and body enhance rigidity, promoting wider repulsion and higher launch.

Three Head Options: Choose from three high-performance heads to suit your playing style and needs.
B3MAX 9.5°: High MOI design with slightly lower spin.
B3MAX 10.5°: Maximum MOI for stability and forgiveness.
B3MAX D 10.5°: Ideal for slicers, maximizing angle and forgiveness.