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Hand: Right 

Introducing the Bridgestone B3Max Fairway Wood, a groundbreaking club engineered to deliver unmatched performance, forgiveness, and distance on the fairway.

Experience Unrivaled Accuracy and Forgiveness:
Featuring SlipLess Bite Milling, this fairway wood boasts innovative face technology that enhances grip at impact, ensuring straighter shots with reduced spin. Bid farewell to inconsistent ball flights and embrace precision on every swing.

Benefit from the SP-COR (Suspension Core) advantage, offering enhanced rebound performance in the toe and heel areas. This promotes forgiveness and minimizes distance loss, even on off-center hits, instilling confidence and control in your game.

The B3Max Fairway Wood showcases a high-performance design tailored for easy distance:
Titanium Body and Carbon Crown: This combination delivers a lightweight yet powerful construction, optimizing performance and ensuring maximum distance off the tee or from the fairway.
High-Function Weighting: Strategically positioned weight in the back of the club deepens the center of gravity, resulting in a higher launch and increased forgiveness. Achieve effortless elevation and forgiveness, even on challenging lies.

Key Features:
SlipLess Bite Milling: Enhances grip at impact for reduced spin and straighter shots, ensuring consistent performance.
SP-COR (Suspension Core): Promotes forgiveness and minimizes distance loss on off-center hits, maintaining accuracy throughout your round.
Titanium Body and Carbon Crown: Lightweight and powerful construction for optimal performance and distance.
High-Function Weighting: Deepens the center of gravity for a higher launch and increased forgiveness, assuring every swing.