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Introducing Bridgestone BRM2 Wedge.

This new wedge is designed to prioritize spin performance with its unique wedge milling design that features wedge-shaped slits to improve the ball's bite and drainage. Bridgestone has taken into account the different lofts that golfers use, so they've incorporated gravity control and sole shapes that fit each loft's requirements for swing feel, spin performance, and versatility in various approach shots.

One of the standout features of the BRM2 Wedge is its wedge milling design. Bridgestone has implemented wedge-shaped slits into the design to increase the ball's bite and drainage, which leads to a more stable spin. The design caters to the needs of each loft, providing the necessary swing feel and spin performance to improve your approach shots. The gravity control feature and sole shapes also enhance the wedge's versatility, allowing for different shot types