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A total Paradym shift in distance and forgiveness, featuring progressive shaping, and our most robust offering that fits a wide range of player types. This is the model for golfers who want a high launching fairway wood with a neutral ball flight

Features & Benefits
Realizing a high moment of inertia with optimal weight distribution by making full
use of carbon Triaxial carbon and forged carbon are used for W#3, W#3HL, and W#5 of the "PARADYM Fairway Wood". By adding the tungsten speed cartridge that was installed in the previous work, the weight distribution has been optimized more than before. By realizing a high moment of inertia that surpasses the previous work, it is effective in improving gentleness and ball speed

JAILBREAK technology has become more compact
JAILBREAK BATWING technology, which is shaped like bat wings and is more compact than its predecessor, is mounted on the toe and heel on the back of the face. The forged face cup made of C300 maraging steel (W#3, W#3HL, W#5 only) was newly designed by AI for the "PARADYM fairway wood" to allow it to roll as much as possible. Generate speed. In addition, W#3 and W#3HL use an adjustable hosel, and the structure has the same effect as JAILBREAK BATWING technology, so JAILBREAK BATWING technology is installed only on the toe side in these two counts

The new AI FLASH face corrects variations in the front, back, left and right
The AI FLASH face has also evolved significantly by letting AI perform more complex calculations. This time, just like the driver, in addition to the three elements of flight, we have designed and developed a new algorithm that considers reducing the range of the ball impact point. Even if the hitting point is misaligned, the face corrects the trajectory to fly to the target. Of course, the AI design is done by model and count.