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The Paradym X Driver is built for a high launch with high MOI, along with a generously stretched profile at address. This model is best suited for golfers seeking extreme forgiveness and a slight draw bias from their driver

Features & Benefits
The paradigm shift caused by the industry's first *
360° carbon chassis The industry's first 360° carbon chassis can be said to have caused a paradigm shift as the name suggests. Of the middle part of the head, the crown side is composed of triaxial carbon and the sole side is composed of forged carbon, completely eliminating metal parts. The weight reduction of the intermediate part is about 44% compared to the case where it is made entirely of titanium. *Patent pending

Approximately 25% lighter and slimmer JAILBREAK Technology
In the front part of the head, AI designed an optimal shape that can increase ball speed in pursuit of maximum flight distance performance. The face cup can be bent to the edge of the face with the help of the new JAILBREAK technology. On the other hand, JAILBREAK technology is about 25% lighter than the previous JAILBREAK AI SPEED FRAME, while maintaining a firm rigidity balance of the body and contributing to improved ball speed across the face.

The new AI FLASH face corrects front, back, left and right variations
The AI FLASH face has also evolved significantly by performing more complex calculations. This time, in addition to the three elements of flight, AI designed and developed a new algorithm that considers reducing the range of the ball impact point. Even if the hitting point is misaligned, the face corrects the trajectory to fly to the target. In the Callaway Golf test, it was confirmed that the variation in the impact range was suppressed by about 15%*
*Based on player testing of the ROGUE ST MAX driver and PARADYM in the test range, with

PARADYM impact range (elliptical area) reduced by approximately 15%.
The model "PARADYM X Driver", which achieves a good ball grip and a high launch angle achieves a high moment of inertia, which not only greatly improves gentleness, but also has a high launch and a slight draw bias. A weight of about 5g is mounted on the rear of the head. The stretch-backed, Callaway-like round form head shape is a round form with a sense of security that is stretched back more than the standard PARADYM driver. There are three loft settings: 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees and 12 degrees.