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Hand: Right 
Set Composition: 5-9P 

Features & Benefits
The X FORGED STAR Iron is a simple cavity back with a more forgiving design
It is forged from a single material (S20C) and offers a pure, comfortable feel and dry sound. The back face has the same simple cavity structure as the X FORGED Iron. The lower part has a triangular thick part with the center at the apex, and the thickness changes gradually from there to a slightly thicker part and a completely cavity part. However, the area of the thickest part is smaller than that of the X FORGED Iron, and the area of the completely cavity part is also larger, making it a more forgiving design. It is also noteworthy that the steps created by changing the thickness are shaped like the letter X.

The head size is larger than the X FORGED irons, and the design makes the toe appear higher, but when the player addresses the ball, the head does not feel large. This is due to the chamfering of the edges around the face
Also, compared to the X FORGED irons, the offset is slightly larger, the top blade is slightly thicker, and the sole is wider. This model is designed to be easier to use in many areas.

Chamfering the front and back of the sole for a smooth swing
The new X FORGED STAR Iron also places emphasis on a good release, just like the X FORGED Iron. The sole is treated with a tri-level sole design, with a semicircular chamfer on the leading edge and a consistent chamfer from the toe to the heel on the trailing edge. This allows for a smooth swing, which greatly contributes to easier ball control.

The loft setting is the most distinctive feature of the X FORGED STAR Irons. The I#7 is 29 degrees, the same as the previous model, which is 4 degrees stronger than the X FORGED Irons.