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Hand: Right 
Set Composition: 5-9P 

Features & Benefits
Among the three models, the "X FORGED STAR+ Iron" is the first to be released with the smallest design in terms of thickness. Like the X FORGED and X FORGED STAR irons, it is forged from a single material (S20C) and offers a pure, comfortable feel and dry sound. The back face also uses a simple cavity structure like the other two models. The lower part has a triangular thick part with the center at the apex, and the thickness changes gradually from there to a slightly thick part and a completely cavity part. However, the area of the thickest part is smaller than that of the X FORGED STAR iron, and the area between the completely cavity part and the slightly thick part is larger, making it a more forgiving design. It is also noteworthy that the steps created by changing the thickness are shaped like the letter X.

Size, offset, and top blade provide a great sense of security
The "X FORGED STAR+ Iron" has the largest head size of the three models, and is designed so that the toe appears higher. The offset is well placed to make it easier to grip the ball, and the top blade is thick, providing the player with a great sense of security when setting up. In addition, the sole is wider than the X FORGED STAR Iron, which is immediately obvious at a glance. This model takes ease of use into consideration in many areas.
As mentioned above, the sole of the "X FORGED STAR+ Iron" is designed to be quite wide, but it does not feature the tri-level
sole design found on the X FORGED Iron and X FORGED STAR Iron. The sole is designed to be more slippery than the ball release, so that even if the head comes in from just before the ball, it will not result in a big mistake.

The X FORGED STAR+ Irons have a slightly higher loft than the X FORGED STAR Irons so that even players with lower skill levels or less power can get the ball up in the air and still achieve a certain distance. The I#7 has a 30 degree loft. There are six clubs available: I#5-9 and PW