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Loft & Flex

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The AEROJET MAX Ladies Driver is a lightweight ladies' model designed to keep the club weight in the 270g range to the AEROJET MAX, which combines stability and speed with a large moment of inertia

Aerodynamic shaping
All three models have a smooth body surface and an advanced aerodynamic design that reduces air resistance during the swing, allowing golfers to swing faster and achieve longer distances.

Power bridge weighting
Hanging weighting placed at a low position near the face. By placing it above the face and sole, the center of gravity is lowered without interfering with body flex. Achieve faster ball speed.

Powershell HOT face
By dividing the entire face into 15 points and using AI to design each of them with the optimum thickness, the HOT face is designed with an L-cup insert to further expand the repulsion area.

Carbon crown & sole
We succeeded in making it 30% thinner and lighter by adopting new carbon, contributing to the optimization of the center of gravity.

Loft adjustability
A loft-adjustable sleeve allows for fine-tuning of trajectory and spin. Each loft is adjustable up to ±1.5