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ENA not caught too much! Swing through without worrying about the left! Speaking of senior clubs, it's easy to catch and go up! However,
many skilled golfers who hit hook-type balls want a club that is difficult to reach to the left. EG-01 is a club where such skilled golfers can swing through without worrying about catching or making mistakes by Chipin.

~Although it is 460㏄, it is designed so that it looks a little small. It has an image that you can hit it firmly.

~ High-resilience model. The cold forged cup face is optimized for face thickness by high-precision CNC machining. It boasts the highest high-resilience performance and high-resilience area in ENA history.

~Conformity model
Conformity model is also 100% inspected to eliminate variations and has the resilience characteristics of the SLE rule.