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Introducing the Fujikura Speeder NX Black
Experience a revolution in golf shaft technology with the all-new Fujikura Speeder NX Black. This groundbreaking shaft redefines the conventional notion of shaft flex, offering golfers a unique blend of stability and performance that's unlike anything you've ever seen.

Traditionally, tip-flex shafts were known for their ability to generate speed but lacked stability, often resulting in inconsistent shots and a tendency to lose control. The Speeder NX Black changes the game with its innovative Variable Torque Core (VTC) technology

Even on off-center hits, the Speeder NX Black minimizes ball dispersion by optimizing rigidity distribution, ensuring that you stay on target. This shaft is designed to balance distance and stability at an unprecedented level.

Key Features:
Variable Torque Core Technology: With VTC technology, this shaft elevates tip-to-midsection torsional rigidity, promoting stable head behavior and reducing clubhead wobble at impact. Say goodbye to inconsistency.

Enhanced Control: Experience unrivaled control and stability that were previously absent in tip-flex shafts. Compared to our previous generation (SPD EVO Ⅶ), the Speeder NX Black significantly reduces ball dispersion on off-center hits.

Optimized EI Distribution: The shaft's EI distribution has been meticulously fine-tuned to complement VTC effects. Higher bending rigidity in the tip section than traditional tip-flex designs ensures no loss of control, reducing wobble at impact and minimizing both left and right shot variances.