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~The MB-101A has a smallish head with less offset that frames the ball well at address. The sole is narrower and the leading edge is straighter but with relief which helps interact with the turf more cleanly at impact by minimizing fat shots/digging. The stepped back muscle helps create a thinner top line which is more eye pleasing for the better player. The stepped design also helps with functionality and feel, the thicker area is larger towards the toe which prevents the head from over rotating closed thus minimizing pulls and hooks. The step groove in the middle makes the sweet spot slightly thinner, increasing spring effect and the widening the sweet spot of the face for more ball speeds and more forgiveness.

Premium S20C soft carbon steel forging and a finish in half satin NiCr plating results in a more pure feel and more bite on the ball. A mix of clean and modern aesthetics will appeal to a wide variety of golfers looking for an iron that focuses on feel, stability and shot making