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Hand: Right
Loft: 9°

Even if it is against, it will be a stick that moves forward.
A power anchor weight of over 30g is attached to the deep back shape at a low and deep position on the head to achieve both a low and deep center of gravity. Tolerance against off-center hits and optimum spin rate.

High strength, high elasticity, toughness, wide high initial velocity area
The zirconium titanium is given a special strengthening heat treatment to create a material that has the strength to rebound the ball intensely, the toughness to flex the face, and the elasticity to quickly restore the flexed face. In addition, the 360° full cup face structure with no welds on the face realizes a wide high initial velocity area.

High rigidity and excellent damping function
By adopting a honeycomb mesh structure around the power anchor, the rigidity of the area around the anchor is increased to hold it firmly, and by incorporating it into the thin toe and heel part, vibration around the head is absorbed and the response is solid. For a striking feel and a calm and firm hitting sound.

Launch direction correction dimple
Dimples placed in two places on the toe and heel suppress unnecessary distortion on off-center hits, flex the face cleanly, correct the launch direction, and reduce the flight distance by optimizing the amount of ball crush. to a minimum.