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Straight neck & teardrop wedge
A straight neck model that makes it easy to imagine a clean impact at the bottom of the face, matching the flow of the KP-103 and KP-103UC irons.

Using S20C, which is soft even among "soft iron" and has a low carbon content, the round bar is forged 3 times at 800 tons for rough forging and 2 times at 1000 tons for finish forging to create a refined head. The feeling of the ball riding on the face is noticeable, and it is easy to get the feeling, and you can get the distance you want.

Loft variations in 2° increments
The loft lineup includes 7 lofts from 48 degrees to 60 degrees in 2° increments. It also supports a wide range of detailed needs.

Face CNC milling
The fine milling process on the face prevents the ball from slipping, and by firmly riding on the face, it is easy to control as if you were carrying the ball.

Matte satin finish
The matte satin finish that suppresses the reflection of sunlight makes it easy to set up and gives it a luxurious finish.