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Hand: Right
Set Composition: #4-9P

Gentleness with a full-fledged shape
Easy-to-use straight neck, top braid, leading and trailing edges are chamfered for a full-fledged shape that makes your face look small, a small bounce, and a wide sole for gentleness.

S20C, which is soft even among "soft iron" and has a low carbon content, is used for the head that has been forged 5 times and refined.

Full cavity, thick hitting area
The full-cavity 13mm-thick hitting area squashes the ball sufficiently to create a solid hitting feel and optimal spin rate, and the low and deep center of gravity makes it easy to hit a high trajectory ball even with level blows, and the ball comes in slightly from the front. The sole is slippery even when you hit the ball, reducing variation in flight distance.

Ultra precision face milling
Fine grooves are computer-controlled on the face, and scorelines are also made by CNC using a special tool, resulting in a stable spin rate even in various situations where spin rate is affected, such as rain and rough.