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Hand: Right

Extremely soft FORGED
Using S20C, which is soft among soft irons with a low carbon content, the round bar is roughly forged three times at 800 tons and finished forged twice at 1000 tons, resulting in a refined head. You can clearly feel the ball resting on the face, making it easier to get the feel and hit the desired distance exactly.

Loft variation in 2° increments
There are 7 lofts available from 48 degrees to 60 degrees in 2 degree increments. We respond to a wide range of detailed needs. 54 degrees and 60 degrees are custom made.

Sole grind 48~54°
Sole grind with slightly lower sole back and heel side. The sole design is suitable for lofts that have a moderate bounce effect, good head movement, square shots that don't open the face, and simple full shots.

Sole grind 56~60°
Sole grind with dropped toe, rear of sole, and heel. The bounce in the center of the sole is solid, so if you hit without opening the face, the bounce will work, but it will also come off well, and since the back of the sole is dropped, the leading edge won't float too much even when the face is open, making it even better. The sole design is easy to use whether square or open, and performs well in a variety of situations.

Face CNC milling
Fine milling on the face prevents the ball from sliding upwards, and by firmly riding on the face, you can easily control the ball as if it were being carried.