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Hand: Right
Set Composition: #5-9P

Center of Gravity Flow Design & Tungsten Weight
By shortening the center of gravity distance of the body design, the long irons are easier to grasp, and the short irons are longer to prevent catching. It reduces careless mistakes and increases the per-on rate.
In addition, by changing the tungsten weight placed on the toe and heel, it is possible to lengthen while maintaining balance.

Using S20C, which is soft even among "soft iron" and has a low carbon content, the round bar is forged 3 times at 800 tons for rough forging and 2 times at 1000 tons for finish forging to create a refined head.

KAMUI original maraging face
A new material, maraging steel, was developed in pursuit of feel and flight. The wide sweet area and wide repulsion performance support a wide range of players from beginners to advanced players.

Super soft FORGED body & CNC milled
Ultra-soft S20C forging is used for the body, which is refined through three rounds of rough forging at 800 tons and two rounds of finish forging at 1,000 tons. The body is CNC machined to create a luxurious 2-piece pocket cavity. The soft iron forged body absorbs the extra vibration of the maraging face when hitting the ball, giving you a superb hitting feel that you can't get with a stainless steel body