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Hand: Right
Set Composition: #5-9PW

Introducing the NEW Metal Factory Metal Factory J2 Cavity Iron, a beautiful iron pursuing a soft hit feeling and gentleness in a heavy form.

Japan Quality - The J series iron is the best gem that exhaustively exhausted Kodawari completely to the Japanese temperament even to material, recipe, design, feeling, soul.

3 Slit Undercut Structure - The undercut section consists of three slits designed for each count. Combined with the undercut on the top edge side, it succeeded in low / deep center of gravity and expansion of the sweet area. Goodness of grasp, realized high trajectory and flying distance performance.

Selected Domestic Materials and Luxurious Recipes - Adopted a luxurious manufacturing method such as natural cooling production method, double nickel plating, etc. as high-grade S25C, which makes the composition uniform five times as usual.

Solid Design - Minimal and solid design which is also a feature of METAL FACTORY. A heavy appearance reminiscent of an iron mass gives a sense of stability and security to the shot, making it a reassuring ally of the golfer.