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TENSEI™ 1K Pro Blue Overview
TENSEI 1K Pro Blue is the mid-launch, mid-spin member of the 1K Pro family. TENSEI 1K Pro Blue is built with a super-stiff handle section designed to amplify activity in the tip section to maximize ball speed.

Blue uses super-premium 1K carbon fiber in the handle for maximum stability as well as our breakthrough Xlink Tech Resin System to drastically increase carbon fiber volume while increasing the shaft's overall strength. Everything to do with TENSEI 1K Pro Blue enhances the stiffness profile of the shaft to control curvature during the swing to increase club head speed.

Key Features Include:
- Mid launch, mid spin TENSEI 1K Pro profile
- Super stiff handle with active tip section for increased club head speed
- Super-premium 1K carbon fiber used in handle for increased stability
- Xlink Tech Resin System drives carbon fiber volume way up for better feel without sacrificing strength or durability