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Hand: Right
Shaft: NS Pro 950gh Neo

Set Composition: #5-9P

Introducing Mizuno JPX 923 Forged Iron, For golfers who want a forged iron that is easy to fly and for golfers who want long irons for long flights and short irons for feel.

Achieved the highest rebound in the history of JPX forged irons
After forging high-strength chromium molybdenum (SCM420), the evolution of the micro-slot processing that excavates the sole part from the cavity part has resulted in the thinnest face in the history of JPX forged irons, which is about 15% thinner than conventional products even though the face neck is integrated. realization. You can experience high resilience performance and a comfortable hitting feeling.

Coexistence of gentleness and comfortable hitting feeling - In addition to the gentleness of the peripheral weight distribution and center of gravity, the sound ribs and V-chassis cavity designed with Harmonic Impact Technology increase the rigidity of the top edge to achieve a comfortable hitting feel.

Grain Flow Forged HD
Mizuno's unique forging method that integrally molds a single round bar from the face to the neck. The grain flow lines (the flow of the metal structure), which can be said to be the lifeline of the hitting feeling, are not interrupted inside the head, and the grain flow lines are densely packed in the hitting area, making the hitting sound longer. With this long-hitting sound, you can experience the comfortable hitting feel unique to Mizuno.