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*Please note that these wedges are designed in such a way that they will start to rust when the original covers are removed.

Hand: Right
Shaft: Steel (True Temper Dynamic Gold)

Nike Golf Engage wedges are the newest solution to help both scoring and recovery on the course
The name Engage comes from three important interactions between the golf club and the turf, the club face and the golf ball and the connection between the golfer and equipment.
Modern Muscle technology shifts the center of gravity to promote stability and consistent turf interaction in even the worst of playing conditions.
The grooves have more volume and sharper edges to deliver a more consistent shot in any condition as well as a more consistent ball flight

~Square Sole likely would be the best option for a wedge you intend to use most often from the fairway for full shots

~Toe Sweep Sole (higher-handicap players or players with a steep angle of attack) would provide added benefits for shots played around the green