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Shaft Length: 34’’

Eliminate the window and straighten the wing In the new TEN SERIES, in response to feedback from professionals, the window inside the frame-shaped part is filled in to make it easier to set up. The outer line connecting the two wings is also straightened, and this part functions as a second alignment. With these, it became a head that can be set more accurately on the target. In addition, as a secondary effect of filling the window, the hitting feeling and hitting sound are also improved.

Single line and triple track are available for alignment Two types of alignment are available: thin white line and triple track technology. The white line has three necks: double bent, short slant, and center shaft. On the other hand, the Triple Track technology combines two types of double vents and short slants.

Equipped with a micro-hinge★ insert The face is equipped with a micro-hinge★ (star) insert. White Hot Microhinge Insert has a higher hitting sound, a solid feel, and increased ball speed. The effect of immediately giving forward rotation to the ball is inherited as it is.

The new series will be equipped with the further evolved “STROKE LAB shaft”. This shaft is a composite shaft of carbon and steel, but this time the steel part is shorter and the carbon part is longer than the original. This makes the shaft stiffer and about 7g lighter. As a result, stroke tempo, impact and swing arc are more stable than before. Allows for more consistent putting.