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Hand: Right
Shaft Length: 34”

Odyssey's new model, the TRI-BEAM putter, allows you to notice the novelty at a glance. Connected to the tip of the shaft is a right-angled triangle named the racket hosel. It supports the head more strongly than conventional ones, enabling stable ball launch even on off-center hits

A new shape that supports the head in a wider range, the biggest feature of the racket hosel "TRI-BEAM putter" is the new shape hosel. The BEAM in the name is a beam that supports the load from above in a building. The TRI-BEAM putter has a triangular hosel and is named a racket hosel.

Same weight as conventional crank hosel
The racket hosel is made with the same weight as a normal crank hosel so as not to raise the center of gravity of the head. In addition, the heel side of the triangle is vertical and straight, so you can hold it comfortably.

The weight of the sole has a high moment of inertia and a low, shallow
center of gravity. The sole has a weight of approximately 15g (approximately 10g for 6M, DOUBLE WIDE, and DOUBLE WIDE CS) on the toe and heel near the face. BEAM putter head achieves a high moment of inertia. It not only enables a stable stroke, but also reduces head shake on off-center hits along with the racket hosel.

Equipped with a white hot insert on the face
The TRI-BEAM putter is equipped with a white hot insert, a symbol of Odyssey. By using the same material as the ball cover, it is compatible with the ball at impact and achieves soft yet firm repulsion performance