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Hand: Right

60 layer carbon face
The newly developed "60 layer carbon face" has reduced the weight from 43g of titanium to 24g, making it 44% lighter than a titanium face. On the other hand, the face area has been expanded by 20% compared to the SIM driver, increasing forgiveness. By carefully overlapping 60 layers of carbon with a complex structure, it achieves both high strength and large deflection, bringing a new dimension of energy transmission. As a result, the ball's initial velocity is increased over a wider area of the face, resulting in greater distance and forgiveness than ever before.
Nano texture PU cover
By applying a nano-level sophisticated polymer coating (PU) to the entire face, it enables the optimal amount of spin under any conditions and creates distance.
Inertia generator
An "inertia generator" with a heavy weight installed at the rear of the head contributes to increased forgiveness. Furthermore, the enlarged face area increases forgiveness while reducing air resistance and speeding up the downswing.
Sliding weight
By adopting a 60-layer carbon twist face, we succeeded in reducing the weight of the head. This makes it possible to install a 10g "sliding weight" that can change the center of gravity position in the left and right directions, making it possible to adjust the trajectory according to the individual player.
Penetrating speed pocket
TaylorMade's unique penetrating speed pocket helps maintain the initial velocity of the ball by suppressing unnecessary spin even on mis-hits hit at the bottom of the face