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Hand: Right
Shaft: MP1300 Graphite

Introducing the XXIO 13 Driver - Elevate Your Golf Performance!
Discover the groundbreaking XXIO 13 and XXIO X drivers, meticulously designed to revolutionize your golf game.

BiFLEX FACE Technology: Imagine a dynamic face that maximizes energy transfer from off-center hits. This innovative tech enhances flexibility, expanding the high-speed area by 125% for XXIO 13 and 143% for XXIO X compared to previous models. Increased ball speed and impressive distance gains.

Advanced ActivWing Aerodynamics: The two-tiered "ActivWing" crown stabilizes the head, reducing swing disruptions and increasing power. It’s like having an aerodynamic assistant ensuring stability throughout your swing.

REBOUND FRAME & More: The 4-layered "REBOUND FRAME" combined with the "6-piece bulge & roll design" ensures remarkable ball speed, and stability, and minimized directional loss even on off-center shots. It’s a blend of innovation and expertise from previous XXIO models.

Precision Sound Tuning: We’ve fine-tuned impact acoustics. The XXIO 13 offers a high-energy, invigorating sound, while the XXIO X delivers a satisfying, high-pitched resonance, enhancing your swing experience.

Innovative Lightweight Shafts: Tailored for optimal performance, the XXIO 13’s "XXIO MP1300 Carbon Shaft" and the XXIO X’s "Miyazaki AX-3 Carbon Shaft" strike the perfect balance between flexibility and impact strength, boosting swing speed and control.