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Hand: Right
Set Composition: 5-9PAS

Introducing the XXIO 13 Iron: Elevating Your Golfing Experience
The XXIO 13 Iron is meticulously engineered to deliver high-launch trajectories with ease, thanks to a comprehensive low center of gravity design utilizing a 4-piece composite structure titanium face and the iron version of the "REBOUND FRAME."

Enhanced Distance with 4-Piece Composite Titanium Face and Low CG: The utilization of lightweight, high-strength titanium face and a hollow cavity structure strategically redistributes surplus weight towards the high-density tungsten nickel weights on the toe side. This meticulous weight distribution achieves an even lower center of gravity, ensuring heightened stability and exceptional launch heights.

Evolved Iron Version of REBOUND FRAME for Increased Flexibility and Distance: The innovative "REBOUND FRAME," known for generating remarkable rebound, is now integrated into the iron design. The addition of grooves on the body's lower section and the newly implemented grooves on the body's perimeter significantly amplifies the face's flex, resulting in increased ball speeds on direct hits. The XXIO 13 Iron achieves a remarkable distance increase of +2.4 yards*1 compared to its predecessor. *1 #7・R shaft. Assuming a driver head speed of 38m/s.

Enhanced Grip and Confidence-inspiring Head Design: The iron boasts a rounded top line and a slightly raised heel-side design, offering improved grip and a sense of reassurance during play. Additionally, the slightly narrowed sole width enhances turf interaction, ensuring better club passage through the turf for smoother swings.