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Introducing the XXIO X Fairway Wood 2024: Elevating Precision and Distance
The XXIO 13 and XXIO X fairway woods and hybrids epitomize technological excellence with the implementation of the "BiFLEX FACE," meticulously engineered to optimize rigidity spanning from the toe to the heel across the face periphery. This strategic construction enables the periphery to absorb energy, enhancing the flex between the face and body, thereby expanding the high initial velocity area for substantial improvements in tee shot speeds.

Moreover, the innovative design of the "New CANNON SOLE," sculpted into a cannon-like hollow structure near the lower part of the face within the sole, achieves a noteworthy reduction in the center of gravity. This development results in an amplified high initial velocity area of 107% for fairway woods and an impressive 120% for hybrids when compared to previous iterations. This engineering marvel ensures a club poised to target extended distances with a heightened trajectory and formidable strength.

BiFLEX FACE & New CANNON SOLE Synergy for Commanding Performance: The amalgamation of the "BiFLEX FACE," optimizing flex from center to off-center shots, and the "New CANNON SOLE," facilitating high launches with augmented initial velocities, generates powerful and soaring trajectories. As evidence of its efficacy, the XXIO 13 attains a remarkable increase of +3.9 yards1, while the XXIO X achieves +2.2 yards2 in distance compared to their predecessors.

REBOUND FRAME & Advanced XXIO Head Technologies: The implementation of the 4-layered "REBOUND FRAME" strategically balances flexibility and rigidity, complementing the "BiFLEX FACE" to enhance ball speed significantly. Proprietary technologies such as the "ActivWing," stabilizing the head posture during the downswing, and the "Step Crown," orchestrating a low center of gravity and enhanced initial velocity, represent a culmination of past XXIO models, ensuring substantial distance gains and trajectory stability.