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Hand: Right
Set Composition: 5-9PAS

Introducing the XXIO X Iron 2024: Elevate Your Game to New Heights

Unlock your golf potential with the XXIO X Iron 2024, designed to deliver unparalleled performance with its cutting-edge features:

Key Highlights of the XXIO X Iron:
Low Center of Gravity with 3-Piece Forged Face Design for High Trajectories: Crafted with a thin-faced forged construction and integrated with sizable, high-density tungsten nickel weights (#4-7) on the toe side within a composite cavity structure, this iron achieves an optimal low center of gravity. Experience commanding shots with a high, soaring trajectory that effortlessly targets the greens.

Enhanced Ball Speed through the "MAIN FRAME" Structure Generating Significant Face Flex: The incorporation of grooves, known as "Speed Grooves," surrounding the back face, combined with the precisely engineered thickness of the "MAIN FRAME" structure, amplifies the face's flexibility, resulting in accelerated ball speeds. Experience an impressive distance gain of +3.0 yards*1 compared to its predecessor. *1 #7・R shaft. Assuming a driver head speed of 42m/s.

Balanced Assurance, Precision, and Manageability in Head Design: Despite its reassuringly substantial head, the linear top line and reduced-neck contour offer ease in alignment and exceptional manageability. Furthermore, the V-shaped sole design ensures smooth swings for golfers with level or slight downswing tendencies, enhancing the overall playability of the club.