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Hand: Right
Shaft: SP-1200

Create an elegant flight, with distance and directional stability.

Improved stability for your shots, with a "lightweight, high moment of inertia head". An original new design achieves both a lightweight head and increased inertia moment, with a unique new shape. Rebound frame technology with a four-layer structure creates a large amount of flexion, leading to an expanded sweet spot and high rebound performance.

Reach even higher initial velocity with "ActivWing" technology, which controls the aerodynamics in the first half of the downswing, much like a driver. Stable head movement is achieved, leading to a more accurate impact. Draw-biased bulge design reduces slice and miss shots to the right, reducing loss of distance.

Stable distance and direction with "Weight Plus" technology, which concentrates weight near the grip of the club. This reduces the force required to support the club head during the backswing, creating an ideal top position and allowing for a more stable swing path.