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Hand: Right
Set Composition: #5-9PAS
Shaft: SP-1200

The XXIO Prime Irons offer increased resilience and a high trajectory for optimal performance. The unique features of these irons help to improve power, speed, and control to enhance your golf game

The "Rebound Frame" technology improves the rebound area for a soft and hard structure that enhances the bounce performance at the bottom of the face. The "Flex Zone" at the bottom of the body and the "Rigid Zone" at the back of the body creates a unique structure that improves the resilience of the face.

The "Thin Titanium Face" combined with the "High-Density Tungsten Nickel Weight" enhances the resilience and the swing of the club. The high-strength Super-TIX®51AF titanium is used in the face, while the enlarged Tungsten Nickel Weight on the sole increases the moment of inertia and lowers the center of gravity. The sole width is equivalent to the XXIO12 Irons, providing better swing and easier setup.

The "Optimal Center of Gravity Design for Each Club" optimizes the design by controlling the face thickness and weight distribution for each club. The smaller the number of the club, the more it focuses on distance, while the larger the number, the more it emphasizes control.

This design is perfect for golfers who want to achieve the best of both worlds. The XXIO Prime Irons offer excellent resilience, high trajectory, and optimal control to help you elevate your golf game.