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XXIO Rebound Drive Golf Balls


  • Proprietary Rebound Frame Technology provides three layers, or zones, for shot versatility
  • Soft Flex Zone - Innovative super soft RB cover combines softness with resilience
  • Hard Rigid Zone - High resilient RB mid layer offers greater rigidity and elasticity
  • Soft Flex Zone - A FastLayer core flexes more extensively for greater energy upon impact
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern offers less drag and provides more lift to boost overall distance and straighter flight
  • Ideal for players with moderate swing speeds looking for higher ball speed as well as a softer feel at impact
  • A putting alignment line makes it easy to line up with your target
  • Unique 'pearlescent" cover finish offers a bold, unique look
  • Three-piece construction
  • XXIO Compression Rating: 78
  • Available in a 12-ball pack