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Hand: Right
Shaft: Speeder NX M423U (S – 62.5g, SR – 52.5g, R – 47.5g)

Introducing Yamaha Inpres DriveStar Utility, The newest Japan Only Inpres series.

Uses New Material [X37]
High repulsion performance and tolerance.
Adopts a new material "X37" that has high strength and tenacity and allows for more precise design. High repulsion performance produces surprising flight distance.

High trajectory and stability enabled by "X37" x "Carbon Crown"
It flies straight with a high trajectory.
Uses a carbon crown. Achieved a 1mm lower center of gravity than the previous model. Furthermore, by adopting a stainless steel material with a heavy specific gravity for the body, a UT with a high moment of inertia was born.

"Good Face"
The inpres DRIVESTAR has a shape that is easy for golfers to hold while maintaining the tolerance of the wood-type utility